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Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh would like to thank everyone who read his first Psychedelic Mind Melt Magazine. According to the person in charge of Mooj.com thousands of issues were downloaded and, needless-to-say, the email is now coming back in abundance. Sadly, most of the correspondence is about Sri Swami Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba and NOT Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh. It seems that people were very fond of Sri Swami Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba (who is now a vaulted Saint) and wanted to learn more about his life and death. I should remind readers that Psychedelic Mind Melt is about Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh; not his uncle. Those wishing to learn more about The Swami should download his free book

Below I will only post letters that were about Mr. Singh:

Dear Psychedelic Mind Melt!

Your magazine is totally awesome! I'm a huge fan of MHVSEE music and buy all your albums. I'm not really old enough to go to concerts yet. I am only seven. I live in Dubai. My father is a billionaire who owns an island making company. He lets me buy anything I want. So that's how I get all your CDs. When I grow up I want to be just like Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh! I have to go now. It's time for my milk bath.

"Lil' Kanoop"
Dubai, UAE

Thank you for your letter, little friend! I have asked my secretary to send you a MHVSEE ball-cap! Wear it with pride!



I love your magazine. I am a big fan of many of the bands on your label. I read with alarm that Mogender Singh might dump The KKK. They are a great band. I've been a fan of theirs for years. I think one of the problems they might be having is that their mnemonic might turn people off. The initials "KKK" have a negative connotation in most places. Plus, calling an album "Sex Champions" might also be unwise, as their prime demographic is 10-12 year old girls. 

Rock On! 

Sid Gupta
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

The Talent Development Division at MHVSEE feels the same way. Since many retailers are returning the KKK's latest album unopened it saves us the trouble of recalling it. Next month we will re-release the album and call it Puppy-Dog Eyes and the band name will be changed to The KiCK (Kitty Cat Klan). That's what it should have been anyway. Someone obviously didn't know how to spell cat. 



Dear Mind Melt!

I love the BSOLP! I'm so glad they are finally coming to America. I keep looking in the newspapers for their tour schedule but they don't have one yet. Do you know what cities the band will visit during the 2009 World Tour? Since I am unemployed I want to travel city to city following The BSOLP like I used to do when the Grateful Dead toured. Do they need extra roadies? 

Yours in psychedelic harmonium,

Wavy Chutney
San Francisco, CA (USA)

The BSOLP schedule is still being finalized. Mr. Singh and the boys are in America at an undisclosed location. Sadly, Mr. Singh did not know that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Marion County, Missouri. Until that matter is cleared up it appears the tour will be delayed. Mr. Singh's lawyers are on their way to America as we speak.



Dear Mind Melt,

I just bought Uni-Vibe Garden by the BSOLP. I think it sucks. Can I get my money back?

Athens, Greece

No. Mr. Singh has a no return policy. But I will tell you this: If you did not like Uni-Vibe Garden I strongly suggest that you not buy Uni-Vibe Garden 2


To Whom it May Concern:

Can you explain to me why Mogender Singh thinks he's some sort of big shot? Big deal! So what if he promotes a few bands, including those losers The BSOLP. Everyone knows The BSOLP is just a Psychedelic Mooj Tribute Band! The Psychedelic Mooj is the highest ranked psychedelic blues band in the world and they'll have nothing to do with Mogender Singh. When Singh can sign a band as good as the P-Mooj, then I'll pay homage.    

Mesa, Arizona (USA)

First of all no one has ever denied that The BSOLP is a Psychedelic Mooj Tribute band. So what is your point?


Hey, Gang!

Your magazine totally rocks! I love psychedelic rock and acid raga. My friends and I are going to start a psychedelic skiffle band. How do we get an audition with Mr. Singh? 

Modi Rathod 
Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

If you are good enough Mr. Singh will find you. 



I just bought the new Mera Naam Choo Choo album. I enjoyed it very much. Choo Choo is such a talented boy!

Adya Jindal (Choo Choo's mom)
Jamba, Rajisthan

Thank you, Mrs. Jindal. I agree with you! Choo Choo is a very talented boy! 


Dear Mr. Singh,

I own the Tashauz Restaurant in Dosoguz, Turkmenistan. Last May you booked my establishment for a dinner show. I never got paid! You also need to get that big trap door wooden thing out of here. It takes up valuable space in my parking lot. Please return my phone calls!   

Yomud Niyazov 
Dosoguz, Turkmenistan

I must be frank and tell you I run the MHVSEE Talent Development Division. Another chap runs the legal claims office. I will forward your email to him. 


Dear Mind Melt,

A few years ago I was in Mexico for Spring Break. I ate dinner at a place that had a Mariachi Band. I kept tipping the band to play Pink Floyd songs, which they did. I wonder if those Mariachi guys are the guys that are now calling themselves Infarto Muy Grande (which means Big Heart Attack not Big Fart as some people think). If they are I think I should get some sort of royalty for discovering them.

Tom Urbanskee
Halethorpe, MD (USA)

Mr. Singh believes in paying talent scouts if and when they prove useful. If you can prove your claim I will see that you are rewarded.  



Hey, is the Press still boycotting Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh? We never hear anything about him anymore. Is he dead?

Seth Karamchand
Cuddapah, India

The Press boycott is officially over; however, since no one attended the Press Conference where this was discussed many reporters may not know it. And, no; Mr. Singh is not dead. 


Dear Psychedelic Mind Melt,

I am writing to tell you I enjoyed your new magazine. It is really good. I have a question. In America there is a band called The Psychedelic Mooj. They are currently the highest ranked psychedelic blues band in the world. Is there any connection between this band and Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh? I ask this because (I am assuming) the Psychedelic Mooj is named after Swami Mooj and Swami Mooj was Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh's uncle. Since Singh promotes psychedelic bands he surely must have something to do with a band named after his uncle that is psychedelic, right? 

Julie Tam
Toronto, Canada

As ironic as this will sound Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh does not represent nor promote The Psychedelic Mooj. I know he has made many attempts (through me) to contact them but am unsure as to why they will not return his (my) phone calls. 


Dear PMM

I hear people often belittle Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh and make jokes about his genius. These people are just idiots. Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh is a visionary who sees how boring today's music scene has become. Look at all the old great live music venues that now pump out that DJ-spun drone hip-hop Albercrombie and Fitch background music while underage college drunks stand around pretending to get it. Remember when you could see bands like the Doors, Iron Butterfly, and Zappa at dive bars like The Troubadour, Whiskey A Go Go and Barney's Beanery? Now all you see there are the club kids crawling back into their limos while paparazzi snap photos of their sideways panties and hats. Listen to radio these days. If you aren't into the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus or Hispanic accordion chops then you're pretty much out of luck. Gone are the great Rainbow Sticker concerts of yore, when the ticket to ride cost $15 and the T-shirt was less. So if Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh wants to use real musicians to put on real rock n' roll shows then I will be there! Just tell me where and when, chief. 

Dr. Ray
Beverly Hills, CA (USA)

You, sir, understand what this magazine is all about! 


 If you would like to add your input contact us here moojhead@gmail.com.

As I mentioned in the previous issue The Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh Entertainment Empire (MHVSEE) produces and promotes dozens of bands! Every performer and/or artist employed by Mr. Singh is expected to be productive. Mr. Singh feels that if you are not touring then you had better damn well be in the studio. And if you're in the studio then you better damn well be recording. And if you are recording then you better damn well be recording something Mr. Singh thinks is really good. Unlike most record producers Mr. Singh doesn't ask, "Will this sell?" No! He asks: "Will this melt people's minds?" No other record producer cares as much for his fans as Mr. Singh!

Below is a look at the latest releases by MHVSEE. If you are a vendor and are not currently stocking MHVSEE merchandise then feel free to contact us. If not we will soon contact you.

The Menthol Man has Finally Released his Long-Awaited Debut Album! I love to take credit for great performers when I can. This is another example! Before I worked for Mr. Singh I worked for Shivraj Records. They were the pioneers of Tamil Punk Rock in the early 1980s. I was employed as a talent scout and asked to travel to Hyderabad to check out a band that was causing quite a ruckus down there. They were called The Menthol Men and were known to perform in the nude (with shaving cream covering their private parts). I liked them and signed them to a short-term contract; however, they refused to record anything. They felt that placing their music on vinyl (or 8-track tape as was the case in those days) would subtract from their inner-essence. This proved to be inauspicious and they were unceremoniously dumped from the Shivraj label. Now fast forward to the year 2006: By then I was Mr. Singh's Vice President of Talent Development and accompanying him on a business trip to Hyderabad. While there who do you think I saw get on the elevator with Mr. Singh and I? It was the bass player from The Menthol Men! I introduced the chap to Mr. Singh and Mr. Singh could tell just by looking at this man that he had the "right stuff." Mr. Singh signed this chap on the spot and he was brought back to Mumbai to record an album. Well, stand back! The Menthol Man (as he is now called) is ready for you to finally hear his genius amplified! It would be unfair of me to try and describe The Menthol Man's music because I cannot think beyond four-dimensions. I can only say this: Make sure you do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this voyage into aural surrealism. Yes. It is that powerful! While you're at it make sure you also abstain from eating before as well.

Beau Brummell and the Sopwith Holding Company Releases their New Album! Here is another great band I can claim as discovering! I forget the exact date. I recall only that I was in the hill stations below The Himalayas when I came upon a monk who handed me a flyer for a local music festival. It was an international folk music festival and people were coming from around the world to share exotic music. I had some time to kill so I went to the festival not expecting to find anything (Himalayan music festivals, as a rule, are not fertile grounds for finding great rock bands). I wish I could say that signing Beau Brummell and the Sopwith Holding Company was a stroke of genius; but it wasn't. I was low on my quota of band signings that month and so I signed them after watching them perform that day. I might have been drunk that day, too. Anyway, I never dreamed that they would be as successful as they are now. This success is tested once again with a new album called There!  I'm not sure where "There" is but it surely isn't anywhere I've been before.

Blues Lovers! Here's Something You've been Waiting For! If you've been complaining that there really isn't anything good out there anymore then you are in for a treat. A few years ago Mr. Singh signed a blues man that uses no name. He even refuses to be called "the unnamed blues man," which he is sometimes billed as when he performs and the poster painter is unaware that he wishes to not be identified at all. The more enlightened poster painters just leave a blank spot where his name should be and _______'s fans know that the missing name is him. Anyway _______ released his new album this month. It is called Steamin'. I love this album and play it when I am tired an unable to sleep. _______'s music doesn't really help me sleep but it gives me something great to listen to while I stare up at the ceiling and watch the visions in my head replay torturous moments of my life.  

More BSOLP Madness? I am afraid so. The new BSOLP album  Uni-vibe Garden 2 was released last week with little or no fanfare. If you bought Uni-Vibe Garden a few months ago then you know what to expect in Uni-vibe Garden 2 because stuff that wasn't used on A Neem Tree Grows in Gurgaon AND Uni-Vibe Garden was used here. This compilation album is actually better than you would think even though these songs are essentially outtakes from an outtake album. You might even say they are so bad that they are good. Mr. Singh also added two live tracks from the September 8, 2007 Mumbai Civic Centre show. These tracks were actually outtakes from The Live in Mumbai album. I guess Mr. Singh can never be accused of being un environmental! He recycles everything! In this case he has also composted.


I Know, I know: Swedish Death Polka isn't your bag. All I can say is listen to hsiuw1ehis2's new album q`sws`iasw before you make up your mind for sure. I have no idea how or why Mr. Singh signed this glass-eyed hooligan but I do know he was never allowed to come to Mumbai. Mr. Singh sent him money and told him to find someone to record him and then send the tapes back. He did and Mr. Singh had someone bravely engineer and master the tapes. This is the end result. To be honest I wanted nothing to do with this venture. I won't even listen to the CD. I'm too afraid.

What Will You be doing This St. Patrick's Day? If you are smart then you will buy the new Gaelic Versifier CD Words and Music and give it a listen. The Gaelic Versifier, as most of you know, was a featured poet in the old Swami Mooj Enlightenment Newsletters. Poetry was just the beginning for this swarthy man of the world. He is now writing and performing music (as well as doing step dancing). Even if you are not Irish (as many of us aren't) this is good stuff!





So many of you enjoyed reading the Blogs of the BSOLP that I thought I'd add their latest ones:

Monday, January 05, 2009 

Finally in America!
Current mood:  breezy

Well we're here. I don't know where here is because we haven't had our band meeting yet. We are staying in a motel on Interstate 88; that's all I know. Everything is pretty cool except that the ice machine is directly outside of our door. Every time we almost get to sleep we hear this loud "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ksssssssh-kssssh-kssssh" sound. Mr. Singh (our boss) is staying in the room next to ours and he makes the situation worse by going outside and yelling at whoever is getting ice. Most ice-getters tell him to pipe down and then a big argument usually begins. Then inevitably someone gets punched in the nose (usually it's Mr. Singh). We then hear Mr. Singh getting ice for his wound and we joke that one of us should yell something out the door at him for making noise. We would if Mr. Singh had a sense of humor. 

Well, anyway, good night.  

Rock on, Chotas


Sunday, February 05, 2009 

A Slight Delay
Current mood:  catalyzed

Our 2009 World Tour is being delayed until Mr. Singh can settle a legal matter. He forgot that he had a warrant out for his arrest in Marion County, Missouri because of something he did when he was younger. Mr. Singh claims he is totally innocent. We believe him. Until Mr. Singh can get his lawyers to come out and settle things we are hiding out in a secret location. I am forbidden to say where that location is. All I know is that it is in a house that belongs to relatives of Mr. Singh. There are a bunch of Northwestern University banners hanging on the wall. The band and I sleep in the basement with Mr. Singh. He gets the couch and we get the floor.

Rock the Cazbah, Yaars


Friday, March 07, 2009

Mr. Singh's Nightmares
Current mood:  bored

Poor Mr. Singh sure has some strange nightmares. He now refuses to sleep because his Uncle (The Vaulted Saint Sri Swami Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba) visits him in his dreams. I along with the other members of BSOLP are devotees of Sri Swami Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba so we think that whatever Our Dead Guru is telling Mr. Singh must be important. From what we can gather from our eavesdroppings Guru Mooj is very disappointed in Mr. Singh. Guru Mooj wanted Mr. Singh to be a Swami like him. He even trained him as an apprentice. So poor Mr. Singh really has a dilemma on his hands: he wants to be a rock promoter but his Vaulted Saint Uncle wants him to become a Guru and serve humankind by helping the unenlightened become enlightened. Mr. Singh thinks he is already doing that with his music. We have no idea what Mr. Singh will do. He is very stubborn; but then so is his Vaulted Saint Uncle. The only thing we know Mr. Singh will do for sure is time if he is caught by the Law. He is a fugitive until his lawyers fix the mess he's in.

Keep it Real, Chotas!



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