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There is no denying that the last few months have been very difficult for those of us still employed within the Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh Entertainment Empire (MHVSEE). The global economic downturn has really affected our sales; and, sadly, many of our able-bodied office workers and recording engineers have been temporarily laid off. To further compound these troubles our boss, the gifted and magnanimous Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh, is now in jail somewhere in America. Mr. Singh's lawyers were unable to cop a deal on his behalf and he is now being held without bail in The Marion County Reformatory awaiting trial. Mr. Singh swears he is innocent; however, anyone who downloaded his uncle's book (found on this website) knows differently. Sadly, the crime he is being charged with is fully documented in that book. Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh probably should have read the book before returning to the United States (or, at least edited out the sordid details of the crimes). His lawyers have asked Mr. Singh to read the book so he can at least know what he is denying doing. Regardless of what others may think of Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh, I proudly stand by him and hope that he is given a lenient sentence if or when he is found guilty. Since he is a celebrity he should be treated better than the usual run of the mill criminal.        

Just because Mr. Singh is in jail does not mean he is not managing his entertainment empire; he is doing so as we speak! Just this morning I got an email from him asking me to book the 120,000 seat Yuva Bharati Krirangan Stadium in Bidhannagar for the annual Kick Out The Fantods and Blow Your Mind Summer Exponaza. We did one of these last year (in a much smaller venue) and hope to achieve similar results but on a much grander scale (without the riots of course). The show lineup will be announced as soon as I can finalize a few things. Mainly, how Mr. Singh will pay for all this. 

As we do every newsletter let us begin gingerly with reader mail. I will remind everyone, again, that this newsletter is about Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh and not his uncle [the vaulted saint] Sri Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba. This office gets about 200-300 emails a day and most concern Sri Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba. Below are the emails about MHVSEE-related material. Please remember to include your name and address so we can send you MHVSEE gear and mailings if we think you merit such.        

 Dear Psychedelic Mind Melt,

I love Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh. I cannot tell you how important his efforts are in bringing good psychedelic music to this troubled and otherwise lackadaisical world. I used to buy the kind of crap most people listen to (like Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, etc). Then someone gave me the Menthol Man CD. I feel I am a better person for hearing it. The Menthol Man touches me deep down inside. I feel like we might be soul mates in a weird and cosmic way. As soon as I get out of prison I think I will attend one of his concerts. I can hardly wait!!! 

R. Chandrakar (serving 6 -10 yrs. for crimes against humanity)
Arthur Road Jail, Mumbai

Thank you for your letter, friend! I have asked my secretary to send you a Menthol Man autographed ball-cap! Wear it with distinction and pride!



I have a question about  _______, the famous blues singer, who just released the Steamin' album. I've never seen this guy appear live but I really want to. Seeing him in concert would be awesome but it is turning into a major pain in the neck. For example last month I saw a poster for the Walkeshwar Blues Festival and ______'s name wasn't on it. So I went thinking he'd be there. But he wasn't. Then I skipped the Mangalore Blues Festival because his name wasn't on the poster but it turns out he was there. HOW DOES ONE KNOW WHEN _______ IS PERFORMING IF HE DOESN'T ALLOW HIS NAME TO BE USED ON THE POSTERS?   

"Frustrated in Rajpipla"


This has always proven to be a sticky wicket for ______'s fans. However, loyal fans have become adept at spotting his upcoming performances. I will give you an example of how this is easily done.

Below is a show where he is not performing:

And here is a show where he is performing:



Dear Mind Melt!

I'm a big fan of The Menthol Man. I remember seeing him perform many years ago while a member of The Menthol Men. They used to come on stage naked with shaving cream covering their private parts. Last week I saw The Menthol Man at the Oberoi Liquor Lounge. I almost died when he appeared on stage in a similar manner. I did notice, however, that his shaving cream bundle was hanging much lower than it used to. I guess it's only natural as he must be in his 50s by now. Below is a photo I took with my cell phone. In the photo The Menthol Man is doing one of his famous bangra dances while the background singers hum and hoot some sort of raga. Totally wild, man! Totally wild.

Yours in psychedelic nirvana,

Dr. Sandmaar Khan
Mumbai, India

The recent Menthol Man show you speak off was a great success! The Oberoi Liquor Lounge holds over 1,200 patrons and it was standing room only. In fact, had the Fire Marshall not shown up it might have been sitting on someone's shoulders room only. I will share a little secret with you: The Menthol Man is now a devout religious person and would not consent to appear on stage naked as he had in the past. I knew his fans would want to see him that way so I was able to talk him into wearing a special truss-like support belt that was fitted with asbestos and white fluffy cotton swabs to appear to look like shaving cream. This gave the Menthol Man the desired look his fans need while allowing him modesty; plus it also gave him the much needed support he now needs because he is an old man.  



Dear Mind Melt,

Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh is truly a genius! Mind you: I don't toss around terms like "genius" lightly. Excuse me now I have to get back to work. I am editing a topical paper on holistic-vibronic coupling in oligothiophenes for the next The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Pip Pip! Jolly Good, say what?

Sir Reginald Sleeve 
Oxfordshire, England

Thank you for your kind words, Sir Reginald. I will ensure that they are passed along to Mr. Singh. I have also asked my secretary to send you a Menthol Man autographed ball-cap as well.


F__k yeah!

I buy every record Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh make. F__k yeah! My favorite MHVSEE bands Korean ones KKK, Bent Dong, Phuck-chop and ASSeoul. F__k yeah! They totally rock. F__k yeah! Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh consider rock god in Korea. F__k yeah!  But many Koreans pissed off that he change KKK's name to KiCK. If insult linger long many will stage boycott. Koreans very serious about psychedelic rock! F__k yeah! 

Hwan Ji
Kaesŏng, Korea

I must be honest and say that Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh had nothing to do with the name change; in fact, when he became aware of it he became irate and insisted that the name be changed back to it's original spelling. So as of now The KiCK is now The KKK (again). Their latest album Sex Champions that was recalled and re-entitled Puppy Dog Eyes will also be recalled and then, once again, released as Sex Champions. You would think that all this calling and recalling would put a damper on sales but for some strange reason it hasn't. Despite the global slow-down in record sales the new KKK album controversy has increased their net album sales 400%. This proves once again that Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh was right and the rest of us were wrong. (It also proves that statistics can be misleading since we're only talking about five albums selling compared to one.) 


Rock Me, Mogender Singh!

I have a question concerning a band in America called The Psychedelic Mooj. They are ranked #1 in psychedelic blues by Google, Yahoo and MSN; however, they have no affiliation whatsoever with Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh, who seems to pride himself on being the #1 producer of psychedelic bands. A guy named Dr. Raj Chawla used to be president of The Psychedelic Mooj fan club. Then he mysteriously disappeared. I read somewhere that Dr. Chawla is now teaching Nuclear Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.  Dr. Chawla is also a member of MHVSEE advisory board. I find all this odd. Don't you? 

Modi Rathod 
Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

Odd? Nothing seems odd about that to me. 



I just re bought the new Mera Naam Choo Choo album. I enjoyed it very much. Choo Choo is such a talented boy!

Adya Jindal (Choo Choo's mom)
Jamba, Rajisthan

Thank you, again, Mrs. Jindal. I agree with you again that Choo Choo is a very talented boy.


Dear PMM,

I totally dig the new Infarto Muy Grande album. It's a total gas. 

Salman Kong   
San Diego, CA (USA)

Thank you. You seem like a loyal fan and we are happy to know you. A Menthol Man autographed hat will be sent to you as well. 


Dear Mind Melt,

I heard that Beau Brummell and the Sopwith Holding Company lead singer Mansoor Bali "High" Khan just got busted for drugs. Doesn't Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh have a zero tolerance policy on drug misbehavior? Does that mean Mansoor Bali "High" Khan is going to be fired? I hope not. He is so very cute.  

Bindi Kapoor
Mumbai, India

This news about Mansoor Bali "High" Khan is new to me. I have heard nothing about an arrest and I am in close contact with our legal department. The fact that he may be in jail, however, might be why he hasn't been coming into work lately. I thought he might have been one of the many people recently laid off at MHVSEE Headquarters. As far as Mr. Singh's zero tolerance policy on drug misbehavior is concerned I am aware that a waiver can be obtained if one has good record sales. I just reviewed Beau Brummell and the Sopwith Holding Company returns; and well ... if Manssor Bali "High" Khan was busted he's probably S.O.L. 


Hell Yes!

Hsiuw1ehis2's new album q`sws`iasw totally kicks butt!!!!!! I never thought I would be into Swedish Death Polka ----but man! That dude can oooompa-pa-pa like a mofo. Top that, Slavko Avsenik!  

Seth Karamchand
Cuddapah, India

I am glad you bought Hsiuw1ehis2's new CD. I reviewed last month's music receipts and saw that only one copy was sold. I guess it was to you. Sadly, due to the global financial meltdown (mentioned earlier) some of our artists had to be laid off. Hsiuw1ehis2 was one of them. His poor sales were a factor; however, I think the biggest contributor was that he beat up everyone at his album release party.



I own a music shop near Jadavpur University. I stock your CDs, T-shirts and posters. Nothing of yours has sold in over a year so I want you to get all this crap out of here or I'll just throw it away.   

Kunal Basu
Kolkata, West Bengal

Please do not feel that your poor sales are due to us. There is a pandemic of global financial downturn all over the world. We understand your concerns but will ignore your request for now. We have to. We laid off the man that handles merchandise returns.   


Dear PMM

Is there any truth to the rumor that Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh is really a woman trapped in the body of a man? 

Rituparno Chattergee
Udder Tamil Nadu



 If you would like to add your input contact us here: moojhead@gmail.com.

Below is a look at the latest releases by MHVSEE. This summer expect great things from those of us remaining on the payroll. Just because we have half the engineers and mixers on staff doesn't mean you will get half the effort. Sometimes people work harder than usual to save their job. 

This Summer the MHVSEE will release four new CDs. Three of the four are from new artists. These debut albums should continue to cement Mr. Singh's place in psychedelic history! 

Psychedelic Hip-Hop? You bet! Everybody knows Mr. Singh doesn't waste time producing rap music. BUT if a rap artist was willing to add another dimension to his or her craft (basically allow Mr. Singh to work his magic) then Mr. Singh said he might consider doing it. Now let me introduce you to Fi-Dall'ah-Footlong, a talented youth from the mean streets of Karachi, Pakistan. He was selected among many to do just this and the result is truly mind-blowing. Fi-Dall-ah's new album Straight Outta Karachi is expected to sell in the hundred-millions. Especially in Europe and America where people have no taste. Mr. Singh once said you could drop a deuce into a see-through baggie and sell it as rap music and no one would know the difference. To be honest I have no idea what he meant by that (but I guess I'll find out). Regardless, if you're into something different then this album is a must for you. I gave the master tapes a listen and I must admit my innards were churning with good vibrations and psychedelic hip-hop beats. 

Poet/Dancer/Artist/Song Writer/Naturalist Obama Biden Releases a very Heart-Felt Debut Album. This dramatic chap from Andra Pradesh just released his highly anticipated debut album entitled simply No Hope. Most of the songs are very melodramatic and express sincere feelings of anguish and suffering. (I guess the lad worked as a coal miner or such before becoming a performer.) The local press has dubbed Biden the Indian Morrissey. People are often seen leaving his concerts in tears. Biden often cannot finish his concerts because he himself breaks down into uncontrollable sobs. I find the lad very talented but a bit too histrionic for my tastes. I'd rather watch the Celtic Women for that sort of raw emotion. All that aside No Hope is a great album. The music is very nicely composed and performed. Some of the songs are a bit long, though. That is probably why there are only six songs on this 140-minute long double CD. I will say one thing though: I have never seen such an impressive album kick-off promotion in my life! The MHVSEE Marketing Team certainly outdid themselves on this gem. I've been told that Obama-Biden bumper stickers, signs T-shirts and posters can be seen everywhere! Biden certainly has a wonderful future ahead of himself if he can manage to hold his emotions in check. I know from experience these over-emotive artists often burn out way before they need to.

Yonic Tribe Releases a New Album ... and it Kicks Ass!  If you are a MHVSEE trivia buff then you know Yonic Tribe was the first all female band produced by Mr. Singh. Their latest album really screams at you. I must take credit where credit is due and remind everyone that I was the talent scout that discovered this hirsute trio of feminist psychedelic folk singers. I saw them perform during the Asian Lilith Festival and when I heard they were unsigned I quickly ran backstage and offered them a MHVSEE contract. They had no idea who Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh was but when I showed them the big bag of money I had they didn't care who he was. Three albums into their contract they now present the psychedelic folk world with another gem: Flabberghasted to Death. I personally think this is their best album yet. It has much softer undertones and a gentler ambiance to it than previous efforts. And as is customary Mr. Singh says he will donate 1% of every album sale to a woman's cause somewhere. This year I think he is sending the money to the stop global warming crusade.    

Are You Into Funky Banjo? If you are then you have certainly heard of J. Paul Chetti. This 12-year-old child prodigy from Karnataka can really pluck and twang his banjo. To be honest I don't know much about this chap, as he was discovered by the B-Team MHVSEE talent scouts. These guys sometimes find a diamond in the rough but not always. This time they might have. When I heard the final mix of J. Paul's latest album Play That Funky Banjo Right, Boy I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe you will be too. Sadly, the B-Team talent scouts were laid off so none of them can come to the album kick off party.        







Due to recent cutbacks Psychedelic Mind Melt will not bring you the usual B.S.O.L.P. section and instead will showcase a recent interview with legendary Acid Raga maestro Conrad Bhirdee. This Interview appears courtesy of Ear Wax (The Official Publication of Chiru Prajarajyam School of Music, LTD).

EAR WAX (APR 2009)

An Interview with Conrad Bhirdee by Rohan Gumnaam

Gumnaam: What a great honor, sir, to be conducting this interview with you. I have been a fan of yours since the early days of acid raga. Tell me, sir, how do you compare today's acid raga scene with that of the old days?

Bhirdee: Who are you?

Gumnaam: My name is Rohan Gumnaam. I am the musical editor of this magazine that you have so nicely agreed to be interviewed for.

Bhirdee: Magazine? I thought this was for iDesi TV. I wore a new outfit and had my hair processed. 

Gumnaam: Yes, sir. And I might add that you look very colorful and exciting in that getup. Is this the outfit you wear on stage while performing your Bye Bye Bhirdee acid raga opera?

Bhirdee: No. 

Gumnaam: Okay then. Tell me, sir. What is your fondest recollection of the early days in Gurgaon? Gurgaon, as many people know, was the birthplace of acid raga. That is where Ali Khan Kesey and his Merry Band of Hooligans arrived in their magical multi-colored bus and they did their world famous Kool Aid acid cricket test matches.

Bhirdee: I don't remember anything of that nonsense. I have never been to Gurgaon.

Gumnaam: But, sir, you lived at 710 Ashburay Street. Remember? Here. This is a picture of you sitting on the front steps of your house with fellow musicians in your acid raga band The Dimethyltryptamines. You guys played nightly at the Avalon Ballroom East. 

Bhirdee: I don't remember any of that. What kind of stupid name is The Dimethyltryptamines?  

Gumnaam: You founded The Dimethyltryptamines in 1967 with fellow sitar player Psilocybin Bhatnagar. There was also a chap named Danny Dwivedi; he played bass. And a guy named Erroween Trivedi that played drums. You guys were one of the most famous acid raga bands of all time! 

Bhirdee: I never heard of any of those chaps. What kind of interview is this? Are you an idiot?

Gumnaam: No, sir. I'm just looking at my notes. Here. Look. This is a photo of The Dimethyltryptamines at the Madurai Pop Festival. That's you playing the sitar with your teeth. Here's the famous photo of you jumping off the stage after you ignited the dynamite that was in your amplifier stack. And here's the photo of you being taken to the hospital. That looks like Psilocybin Bhatnagar in the stretcher next to you. That was wild, man. You don't remember any of that?

Bhirdee: No. You are an idiot. Who are you? 

Gumnaam: My name is Rohan Gumnaam.

Bhirdee: I never heard of you.

Gumnaam: Okay. Let's move on. After making it big as a pioneer in acid raga you basically fell off the face of the Earth. You were unheard of and unseen for almost 35 years. Then Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh found you working in a mattress factory. He signed you to a MHVSEE contract. This year you wrote and now perform in an acid raga opera entitled Bye Bye Bhirdee. This Bye Bye Bhirdee show is a huge success! It has really caught on. I hear you have sell out crowds everywhere you go. You've even been nominated for The Neemach Award. That is all jolly good! Tell me, sir. How were you inspired to write such a masterpiece as Bye Bye Bhirdee? How did you come up with the idea? 

Bhirdee: I was inspired by reading Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermere's Fan. 

Gumnaam: No sh_t?

Bhirdee: Huh?

Gumnaam: Nothing. Tell me, has anyone ever told you that you look just like Richard M. Nixon?

Bhirdee: No.

Gumnaam: What year were you born?

Bhirdee: 1943

Gumnaam: Did you know that then Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Richard M. Nixon pulled into Bombay while in the US Navy in 1942? 

Bhirdee: So?

Gumnaam: Weren't you born in Bombay?

Bhirdee: Of course I was born in Bombay. Everybody knows that. 

Gumnaam: Is true that your unwed mother never revealed the true identity of you father? She just told you that he was famous? Maybe your father was Richard Nixon!

Bhirdee: You are an idiot! I will now take my leave and exit. You are a jackass and need to learn how to properly conduct an interview. Good day.

Gumnaam: Thank you, sir. Ouch. Did you just throw your microphone pack at me?  




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