Welcome to the Amazing World of Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh!

Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh is the greatest psychedelic music promoter in the world. Anyone who is anyone in the world of Acid Raga, Psychedelic Blues and Psychedelic Rock (or any combination there-of) has or will soon work for Mr. Singh. His shows are legendary and people consider their lives worthless unless they have seen at least one of his mind-melting psychedelic circus shows. Few people can blow minds like he can.

Mr. Singh has asked me to start an online e-magazine for him. He wants everyone to celebrate his music, life, and good works. This magazine (he hopes) will be a collecting place for his many fans and loving admirers. It will also serve as a pipeline to discuss his new ideas and projects. Mr. Singh claims to have a million good ideas a day; and then, sadly, rues that 24 hours is not long enough to execute all those ideas. We are just glad he does what he can! 

These days Mr. Singh is traveling with his flag-ship rock band The BSOLP (Benevolent Sons of Laloo Prasad). Though Mr. Singh has promoted and produced dozens of bands over the last few years few have achieved the success and grandeur of The BSOLP. As we speak The BSOLP is headed to America to begin their 2009 World Tour. I thought what better way to kick off this inaugural issue of Psychedelic Mind Melt than to spotlight The BSOLP. We will highlight some of Mr. Singh’s lesser known bands in future issues.

Before I devote the balance of this first Psychedelic Mind Melt e-magazine to The BSOLP I would like to introduce myself. Actually, who I am is not important. Who you are is. That is why I think the readers of this new e-magazine would rather know who YOU are. Please feel free to share some of your thoughts and feelings about Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh and all the great things he has done to enrich your life with his dazzling rock n' roll shows and TV specials. Please submit your stories and reflections to this email address: moojhead@gmail.com 

If you are a performing artist or musician and wish to meet Mr. Singh I encourage you to use the above address to submit a photograph. Please do not SEND MUSICAL DEMOs or videos of your performances. Mr. Singh won't even listen to or watch them. He only cares about how you look. You must be that "certain kind" of person or band. The music you play is not even important (and it will most likely be modified to fit Mr. Singh's vision anyway).   



This winter many of Mr. Singh’s recording artists are releasing albums! The Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh Entertainment Empire (MHVSEE) includes over a dozen bands. Two were just added and four were recently dumped. If your favorite band was dumped, well, that's just how it goes. Mr. Singh expects results! But most of all Mr. Singh expects loyalty and enthusiasm. I personally know of two bands that have yet to sell a single CD; yet they are still under contract—mainly because they are loyal and enthusiastic. (And it doesn’t hurt that they are also Mr. Singh’s nephews.) 

Below are some albums that have just been (or will soon be) released from the MHVSEE catalogue. Be sure to buy them at your local music store. If your local music store does not carry MHVSEE merchandise contact our outreach department and they will schedule a hunger strike and/or burning effigy mob scene to help you protest.

The long-awaited new BSOLP album  Uni-Vibe Garden was finally released! From what I understand this CD contains alternative and outtake versions of gems recorded during the A Neem Tree Grows in Gurgaon session two years ago. Mr. Singh likes to release a new BSOLP album every few months so he doesn’t mind looking in the recording studio trash bins for discarded tapes to do so. A bonus live version of Shava Man was added to this album, mainly to make this CD somewhat toothsome; and from what I hear this live cut will melt your socks off. (If you wear socks that is.)

Acid Raga maestro Conrad Bhirdee has done it again! Fresh off the success of last year’s Be-Bop-A-Bhendibazaar-Gharana he has now teamed up with legendary composer Krzysztof Maharajkumar to compose and perform a 90-minute raga-laced operetta entitled Bye Bye Bhirdee. This musical adventure takes place in the 1690s and Bhirdee portrays the famous singer Ramtanu Pandey who is drafted into Shrimant Baji Rao Vishwanath Bhatt’s army. Before he leaves to fight in a big battle Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao (the emperor of India) holds a kissing contest to help build morale for the country. Pretty women from every village in India come to kiss Bhirdee and the winner gets to keep his scarf. I must admit on the surface this musical might sound silly and absurd but I found it to be both powerful and profound. Especially at the end when Bhirdee’s character is killed by the jealous boyfriend of the girl winning the kissing contest. They don’t write raga-laced operettas like this anymore!

Hey! When was the last time you heard great pan flute music? I bet it’s been awhile. Better yet, when was the last time you heard great psychedelic pan flute music? I bet it’s been even longer. Well, here is a treat for those who expect to find big things in little places. (Or little things in big places.) Last year Mr. Singh signed a chap from the village of Jamba (somewhere in Rajasthan) by the name of Choo Choo. This man has the looks and talent to pull off what can only be called an exciting pan flute excursion into both the soul and mind. I was told his debut album Mera Naam Choo Choo is expected to sell very well, especially in the village of Jamba.


Our friends The KKK (Kitty Kat Klan) are at it again! But before you get all excited, listen up! The boys need your help. They desperately need someone to buy their latest album Sex Champions. It was released last December and has barely sold any copies. Several years ago Mr. Singh signed this adventurous quintuplet band from North Korea  because he thought they had what it took to be the next big thing. That was then and this is now. This is the fifth album of their five album deal so if it doesn’t sell, ... well, these chotas may be headed back to Pyongyang. “No hard feelings,” as Mr. Singh usually says in these circumstances, “…but get the hell out my office and take all this instrument crap with you!”  

Everyone knows Mr. Singh loves to push the taste envelope when it comes to finding outrageous International talent. Last year he signed a psychedelic mariachi band out of Maltrata, Mexico called Infarto Muy Grande. These guys are awesome and I was literally blown away when I heard their studio tapes being mixed down. These guys were obviously smoking more than just pinto beans. Their debut album is finally ready and will be on sale this month. It is hoped that these guys can get green cards and join Mr. Singh when he brings his Psychedelic Circus to The USA. If you never heard of these guys … well, you will!!!  



Where were you when you first heard The BSOLP? I was in a nightclub somewhere up north. It was some one-cow town south of Majhitha. I was there to scout a band called … I can’t remember. It doesn’t matter. The opening band was all that I saw that night. They were called The BSOLP and were an odd looking foursome; they seemed too businessmen-like to be playing such hard-core psychedelic blues. They blew my mind! 

After their set I bought them drinks and got to know them. They were nice guys. After a few more drinks they admitted to me that they were not musicians at all. They were doing what they claimed to be “holy work.” It turned out that they had been accountants working in a big firm in Chandigarh when lightning struck their office. These four were all that survived the horrendous ordeal. When the smoke cleared and the ashes fell they saw a Vision of a famous Saint (not to be mentioned—but we all know who it was). This Saint commanded that they do several things. The four survivors couldn't remember what all those things were (since no one was taking notes) but one of the items was to start a rock n’ roll band. So they at least did that.  

I decided to bring these blokes back to Mumbai to see Mr. Singh (I was one of his talent scouts then). I told Mr. Singh that he had to see this band. He cancelled all his evening appointments and rented out the Oberoi Liquor Lounge. I brought The BSOLP in, helped them get set up, and then saw to it that they were well-fed and bathed. I must have given away 1,000s of tickets that night to make sure the place was packed. I wanted these guys to shine like diamonds. And that they did (or so I thought). But Mr. Singh didn’t think so. He hated them and walked out during their first song. He even threatened to fire me. I was so upset I pulled the plug on the boys and threw them out of the lounge (and even tossed my shoes at them).  

Then later that night my phone rang. It was Mr. Singh! He was in a panic. He asked me if I still had The BSOLP with me. I told him NO. I admitted that I had thrown them out onto the streets and that they were most-likely sleeping on the Mumbai sidewalk somewhere. Mr. Singh was very upset and told me that he needed to find them ASAP! We drove around for hours looking for them. I finally asked Mr. Singh why he had changed his mind about The BSOLP. Mr. Singh told me that he had had an awful dream; and in that dream he was visited by “A Saint” (we all know who). This dream/ghost Saint kept kicking him in his head and scolded him for not being enlightened enough to sign a good band when he saw one. He knew he would never sleep peacefully again if he didn’t find The BSOLP and sign them!   

Well, the rest, as they say, is history. The BSOLP is now Mr. Singh’s best and most profitable band. He treats them like his sons. As I mentioned earlier Mr. Singh and The BSOLP are now headed to America. Their 2009 World Tour will begin once they get there. 

Most of you have been following The BSOLP on Myspace Music, where members of the band keep blogs. Rather than summarize the recent 2008 World Tour in this magazine I will let them do it. Below are some 2008 World Tour blogs: 

INCLUDED IN THIS SECTION: A HUGE BONUS! The officially sanctioned BSOLP frame-ready poster for each 2008 show can be downloaded (just click on Icon). 

Monday, February 25, 2008 

New To Myspace
Current mood:  breezy

Someone suggested we try Myspace Music. We are just about to begin our 2008 World Tour and would like to meet as many of our fans in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Australia as we can. If we have any money left over we’d like to meet our fans in South America and Antarctica too. Someone asked us why we call ourselves The BSOLP. I’m not sure I can explain. It’s one of those things that if need be explained cannot be understood. Anyway, Hope to make friends on Myspace because we need places to stay while on our World Tour!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hay, Chotas


Sunday, March 02, 2008 

I Guess Our World Tour is Beginning
Current mood:  catalyzed

I noticed that Mogender H.V. Singh had new posters made up that show we’re doing one of his "show of shows" at the Univ of Dhaka this week. I have no idea where that is. If it’s outside of India I guess our World Tour is officially underway. Most of the band is excited. Some of the roadies are too. Me? I guess I’m excited too. Hope to see some of you at the show later this week.

Rock the Cazbah, Yaars


Bsolp-Show-6.jpg (277911 bytes)

Friday, March 07, 20

Sorry About The Mixup (UD vs. DU)
Current mood:  bored

Hey, to all our fans that missed us at our Dhaka show: so sorry! The guy that paints our posters got the "U" and "D" backwards. We were playing at Dhaka Univ (DU) not in the village of "UD," which is in some remote hill station far away in some barren wilderness. Those poor village people had no idea what was going on when all our fans started showing up. Conversely, the Psychedelic Circus was kind of a bust. Two of the psychedelic clowns got hurt when the canon they were supposed to be fired out of malfunctioned and only a few hundred people showed up. Be sure to catch our next show which is in Bhutan (or something like that).

Keep it Real, Chotas!


Bsolp-Show-7.jpg (265170 bytes)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I’m not sure what Mogender H.V. Singh was thinking when he booked our World Tour through Bhutan and Nepal in the dead of winter. We’re half frozen and suffering from oxygen deprivation. Two of the roadies have even gotten frostbite on an unidentified limb. (If you knew the limb you might laugh, but I assure you it’s no laughing matter!) On a sad note the Saturday night show at the Dzhong Disco has been cancelled. I guess they double booked the place and it’s some 10-year-old’s birthday party or something. The band doesn’t really care as the crowds have been pretty mellow and I don’t think they really get what we’re trying to do. Next week we’re playing somewhere in Nepal. I can hardly wait (where’s that symbol for a face making that blank stare look?).

Rock On, Chotas!


show-8.jpg (265832 bytes)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We Almost Did It!
Current mood:  handsome

Wow! That’s all I can say. Thank you to all our fans that came out tonight to see our show in Patan. It was wild! Totally awesome. My head is still pulsating and I can’t remember who I am or where I am. Okay, now I remember so I can now finish this blog message.

As most of you know The BSOLP was attempting tonight to play the longest song ever in a rock concert setting. The record is currently held by Jimi Purple Floyd, a progressive band out of England. They broke the record in 1974 with their version of Richard Rodgers’ Victory at Sea. It clocked in at 8 hrs & 52 mins. Well The BSOLP came mighty close to that record tonight! We got to about hour 7 of a song when the concert hall suffered a power failure. I suspect someone pulled the plug on us. Anyway, the bottom line is that we did not break the record. We will try again in a few weeks. I have to go to bed now. I have already fallen asleep. 

Shava Shava, chotas


show-9.jpg (239444 bytes)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jammu Jammin’
Current mood:  blessed

Thank you to all our fans who came to our Jammu College show. It was a wild night. I’ve heard many people say that Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh is both a genius and an idiot at the the same time. I mean no disrespect when I say I agree. This latest show proved the genius part. As most of you know Mr. Singh (our boss) has a theory about showmanship. He says that no two shows should ever be the same. This makes people always come to see you again and again. He says once the act gets stagnant so does the audience. Thus, he will only use an idea once and then toss it away into the pyre of forgotten memories. That being said I am sorry that we can never do a show like the one we did last Saturday at Jammu College. It blew my mind (and I’ve been doing this for a long time). First of all I must say that Duke Dharma was fantastic. He was one of our opening acts. This chap really knew how to rock n’ roll (literally). I never saw anyone perform an entire act standing on their head while the audience was allowed to throw golf balls at them. He really knew how to play the banjo too. They don’t teach that at the Lucknow Conservatory! Pretty wild. Anyway, we’re off to my former homeland of Lahore. Hope to see you there!

Rock Me Amadeus,


show-10.jpg (177392 bytes)

Monday, March 31, 2008 

Headin’ North to Torkham
Current mood:  blank

Hello, chums!

I thought I'd get you caught up with our latest adventures. Thank you again to all you who came to our show in Lahore! The show was a sell out! The lodge had a capacity of about 300 and we stuffed more than twice that inside. From what I heard the yards adjacent the building were also filled to capacity. It's wonderful to know that people enjoy the BSOLP so much. Had someone told me four years ago (before we were struck by lightning and our dharma was chosen for us by that un-named Saint) that we would be one of Asia's most famous acid raga bands--I'd of said you're full of aloo paratas!

As most of you know last Friday's show in Lahore was an all acoustic thing. This proved to be very difficult as none of us are musicians. (Actually, what I mean to say is that we are not trained the way most other musical people are. We rely on Divine intervention to make sure our chords and notes sound right.) I'm not sure where Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh came up with this acoustic raga idea. He was very gung-ho about the whole thing and ordered us to rehearse for three days non-stop. Instead of hiring a musical Guru to train us he rented a DVD called Baiju Bawra and made us watch it and learn all the songs. If I am being honest I can say bravely that no-one in the audience would have ever suspected that we were so new to this whole traditional raga thing. We sounded great!

We're now off to the city of Torkham. Mr. Singh says he hopes our buses and equipment trucks can make it up the Khyber Pass.  



show-11.jpg (228081 bytes)

Friday, April 04, 2008

ON to Dushanbe
Current mood:  amorous

I have always championed the goodness and wisdom of our boss Mr. Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh! He is very good to us and treats us like his sons. Before every show he gives us a pep talk backstage. Did you ever see the American movie about that football coach George Gipper (or whatever his name was)? He was the coach of the famous Four Horseman of the apocalypse. Our pep talks are like that! Mr. Singh comes in and rants and raves about how we’re all winners and such. So anyway we have this show at some remote place up in Torkham. We’re backstage and ready to go. Mr. Singh comes in and gives us the talk. He goes on about how we’re the best band ever. Then he says he is proud that we give every show our best effort, whether we’re playing in front of 70,000 fans or just one. It was a really good inspiring speech! We then do our group high-five and run out to start the show. We then knew what Mr. Singh meant about doing a show in front of "just one." Only one guy was sitting there! He wasn’t even a fan. He had no idea what was going on. He thought he was there to see a puppet show.

We did the show anyway, even though the guy made some kind of gesture and left halfway through our first song. After the show Mr. Singh told us to get into the bus quickly and we drove away as fast as we could. He sensed that we had angered the villagers with all our psychedelic pyrotechnics and antics. He admitted later that we were lucky we weren’t killed by the angry mob that chased after us as we drove away.   

Oh well. Next week we are doing a show in Dushanbe. Mr. Singh said it should be better than the one in Torkham.

Rock On, chotas!


show-12.jpg (228663 bytes)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 

Off to the Kyrgyzstan Mountains
Current mood:  bouncy


First off, I want to thank all our fans for coming to our Dushanbe show. We actually did our concert in an airport hotel lounge. It was lots of fun and Mr. Singh (our boss) was somewhat satisfied with the venue. He told us (I think he was being sarcastic though) that he never thought we'd be lucky enough to do a show in a place that was graced with over sized black velvet paintings of dogs playing poker and dogs playing pool. We are now headed to Osh University in the Kyrgyz Republic. We may or may not begin the trip today. It all depends on whether or not the local police can find our stolen equipment truck. Mr. Singh says he hopes whoever took it will return it. No questions asked.

Rock on, chotas!


show-13.jpg (181488 bytes)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 

Headin’ To Ferghana
Current mood:  mellow

A big shout out to all my chotas!

Well it certainly looks like our 2008 World Tour is off to a good start (you should see the face I'm making right now)! We just did a show in Osh (in Kyrgyzstan). We had a Huge turn out! It was Awesome! I never saw so many good looking girls! And they sure threw some weird stuff on stage. Being unfamiliar with Russian-style undergarments we weren't sure what most of the stuff was. We did the entire show a Cappella. We had to. Our equipment got stolen in Dushanbe. Our next show is in Uzbekistan at some technical college. Hope to see you there!

Rock out, chachas!


show-14.jpg (230686 bytes)

Monday, May 05, 2008 

World Tour Update
Current mood:  melancholy

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. I was at a loss of words.

I want to first begin by saying thank you to Red-Headed Steppe Child (They opened for us in Ferghana). They let us borrow their gear for our show. That's because Mr. Singh (our boss) still hasn't recovered our stolen equipment from Dushanbe.

As far as our recent Dinner Theatre show in Dasoguz, well ... all I can say is we're not sure what happened. Mr. Singh (our boss) was really gung-ho about the whole thing. He even flew out his nephew, who is a scriptwriter for a famous Bollywood studio. They wrote the show (modeling it after the 1960's American TV Show called Laugh In). They even brought in this set designer, who built this huge window and trap door contraption so we could open doors and tell jokes in between zany music. For the most part the show was just us go-go dancing and then the music would stop and we'd have to tell stupid jokes. 

Now here's the kicker: the audience (for the most part) did not speak either Hindi or English so most of our jokes just landed on blank stares! Except when someone said, "Sock it to me" and then got hit with either a pie or giant boxing glove. Then the audience was happy.

Okay...Forget not that we in the BSOLP are all former accountants! So we understand finances! So none of us can figure out why Mr. Singh (our boss) just spent tons of money to put on some stupid dinner theatre show that totally bombed! Heck, only 30 people could fit inside the restaurant! If he was lucky he made about 10% back on his investment. A fraction of that cost could have bought new instruments!  We asked Mr. Singh (our boss) about that and he just pulled out our contract and showed us a clause that said we were never to question his brilliance. He then docked our pay. Oh well. 

Rock On, Chotas!


show-15.jpg (174349 bytes)

Monday, May 12, 2008 

Finally-A Show of Shows BSOLP concert

Howdy yaars,

Last weekend we finally got our groove back on. Mr. Singh (our boss) finally booked a big arena and put together one of his show of show type concerts. He also bought us new amps, guitars, bass and drums. So it was like old times. He even flew The Unknown Poet out. The Unknown poet is the unofficial fifth BSOLPer. He used to write most of our songs and perform interpretive dances during some of our more psychedelic solos. For the Alamty show he just did poetry and one or two bongo solos. He didn't want to wear out his welcome. Mr. Singh also hired the Turan University Marching Guitar Band for one of the acts. They were pretty good! I never saw a marching band just play guitars like that. They played lots of old fan favorites, like Walk Don't RunTequila, and Some Velvet Morning when I'm Straight. Not too shabby!

Anyway, it was fun to finally put on a show of shows type concert again. I have no idea where we are going next. I slept through the band meeting this morning. I got more pay docked but at least I got to sleep in.

Rock on, Chotas!    

show-16.jpg (240718 bytes)

Saturday, May 31, 2008 

Update on recent disaster
Current mood:  bummed


Everyone keeps writing to me asking if the press accounts of what happened at out Rostov show are correct. I can only say some of them are. If I have learned anything by doing all these shows is that some people in the press love to kick you when you're down. All I know now is that Mr. Singh (our boss) has banned Reporters from covering our shows and anyone who has a press credential has been kicked out of the official BSOLP posse. Which is a bummer because our best looking groupies were also reporters (or bloggers).

In a nutshell here is what happened: When Mr. Singh booked the Rostov State University Stadium for a 24-hour show someone criss-crossed the dates and the latter 12 hrs of our show co-in sided with a football match and hooligans holding tickets for the match pretty much evicted our fans (and us) by force. To be honest it was no big deal. Most of us in the band were pretty tired and took the beating as an excuse to rest (unconscious as it may be). Bottom line is that Mr. Singh (our boss) will never book that stadium again. He says as far as he is concerned they are a bunch of [words too obscene to qualify under Myspace parameters].

Anyway, we rock on to our next show. I have no idea where it is, as I used to learn about our upcoming shows by reading the newspapers. Now that reporters are banned from our press conferences I might have to start attending the band meetings.

Rock on, Chotas!


show-17.jpg (191297 bytes) show-18.jpg (252956 bytes)

Saturday, June 21, 2008 

Somewhere in Romaina?
Current mood:  bouncy

I have no idea where we are. Since Mr. Singh (our boss) has banned the press from riding along with us I don't know where we are. I used ask one of the reporters, "Hey, yar, where are we today?" and the guy would say, "Some place in Turkministickistan, yar." or something like that. To be honest this whole press boycott is really hurting our shows. We did two shows where posters weren't even made. The only people showing up were people that had to be there because it was where they worked. I think Mr. Singh (our boss) is finally ready to let reporters back into the press conferences. He says he made his point. I think it has more to do with his financial backers looking at ticket sales.

Our show tomorrow will be in Craiova, Romania. Mr. Singh said it's going to be a bit more classy than our average show. He's even making us wear tuxedos and is going to use a string and woodwind section to add ambiance. He's even ordered a cheese fondue for backstage. All we care is that people show up.

Rock On, Chotas!


 show-19.jpg (116226 bytes)

Friday, July 18, 2008 

Heading South
Current mood:  rejuvenated

Hey, chotas!

Things are going well on our World Tour. We just did a show in Greece somewhere. It was a lot of fun. The good news is Mr. Singh (our boss) lifted his boycott of the press. The bad news is the press doesn't care. On behalf of Mr. Singh I'm supposed to beg and plead that people start attending our press conferences again. Mr. Singh says he's sorry that he was so rude to everyone and that he will be nicer to everyone, especially that reporter from the Delhi Times that was accidentally hit over the head with a cricket bat. 

The BSOLP is actually doing very well despite low turnouts at our concerts. We know this is a temporary thing. Once we get back into Asia things will get better. I don't think they ever heard of us in Greece. Well, at least 10 people have. That's all that came to our show last Saturday.

Anyway, Pip Pip as they say!


show-20.jpg (220056 bytes) show-21.jpg (199073 bytes)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Greetings from Crete
Current mood:  bored

Hey, yars!

Greetings from the wonderful world of Crete! The BSOLP is on our official summer vacation. Mr. Singh (our boss) rented a villa on some tropical beach and we get to stay there for a few weeks. Unfortunately we only get to lounge on the beach at night. We have to work during day at a restaurant cleaning dishes. Mr. Sing says it is the only way he can afford to pay the rent on the beach house we are renting because he lost too much money on our last three shows. I hope this vacation doesn't last too long. We're tired of doing dishes.

As far as new shows go, we are unsure when and where they will be. Mr. Singh says we'll be on vacation until he finds out. 

Too tired to rock out with my jibh out,



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Quick Update
Current mood:  bored

Howdy, yars! Yes, we are still on vacation. Many of our fans are asking when our next show will be. I wish I could tell you. Mr. Singh (our boss) says he thinks he may have a big Oktoberfest thing booked in Iran. That sounds like a lot of fun (or maybe not). Either way I can speak for my band mates and say anything has to better than where we are now.

Rock On, chotas!


show-22.jpg (375174 bytes)

Sunday, November 09, 2008 

Oktoberfest in Iran not such a hot idea
Current mood:  bummed

Mr. Singh (our boss) really is a certified genius (we've seen the certificate) so I'm sure his reasons for putting together a Tehran Oktoberfest were sound. I've been warned by him not to talk about the catastrophe (er, I mean low attended near death experience and it's aftermath) so I won't.

The reason for this blog is not to rue the past but to look forward! Yes! Our World Tour 2008 will soon continue. Mr. Singh (our boss) says now that Borat Osama (or whatever his name is) is the new president of America he wants to bring his Psychedelic Circus there. In America, he says, people really like that kind of mayhem, stupidity and nonsense. That sounds good to us!!!! We can't wait to go to America and continue our World Tour! We should be leaving as soon as the Indian Ambassador in Iran works out some sort of extradition deal to get Mr. Singh out of the Iranian jail he is currently sitting in. Oops. I guess I wasn't supposed to mention that. Sorry, Mr. Singh.

Later, Chotas!



Monday, December 01, 2008 

World Tour Part II
Current mood:  artistic

We're finally on our way to America! Mr. Singh (our boss) has finally been set free from jail. To clarify: the indecency charge Mr. Singh was arrested for was unsubstantiated. Mr. Singh did not do anything indecent. It was just the 'idea' that he had about having the Oktoberfest in Iran that caused the trouble. Since the show never happened we in the band were not arrested. Obviously the show was a bust and we lost money on the deal as usual. Live and learn, says Mr. Singh. 

Speaking of Mr. Singh, he said that they treated him very nicely in jail and the caning he got was nothing like the caning he got in Singapore during our 2003 World Tour. 

Mr. Singh is now making contact with American psychedelic bands and most are willing to be part of our upcoming Psychedelic Circus shows. If you would like to be included, let us know. 

Later, Chotas!




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