The Official Website of Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh

Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh is a Man Like No Other!

Welcome, friends! This is the OFFICIAL website of Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh. As you know Mr. Singh is the greatest psychedelic music promoter in the world! He has thrilled millions with his Psychedelic Circuses, Myopic Mind-Melts and Electric Enlightenment shows. Mr. Singh refuses to accept other's admonishments that something cannot be done. If he wants it to be done it will! He doesn't care who gets hurt, how much damage occurs, or who gets the blame. He cares only that when you pay good money for psychedelic entertainment .... that's what you get! No two Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh shows are the same. That would be boring and Mr. Singh hates boring. Mr. Singh also hates whiners and lawyers.

Mogender Hanuman Vijay Singh would like to acknowledge his humble beginnings. He wasn't always a famous music promoter. He was once a simple Guru Apprentice, studying at the feet of his Yoga Master (and Uncle) Sri Swami Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba. As most of you know Guru Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba died in 2002 and is now a vaulted saint, who (supposedly) often appears in Mr. Singh's dreams. Mr. Singh wishes he could just ignore the dreams but he cannot. They are too powerful. He has, thus---as commanded by his Saintly uncle---resurrected the website and made available to everyone Free of Charge Guru Mujaputtia Umbababbaraba teachings in convenient book form (see link below). 

Mr. Singh will also use this website to promote his shows, bands, adventures, and lavish lifestyles. He might as well make it worth his while.

Enough of this nonsense! Obviously you have come here to read Mr. Singh's latest Psychedelic Mind Melt Magazine. Click on the link below to find it.